I am a writer and artist, with a background in space engineering. I see myself as an incurable humanist and enthusiast. I am the author of The Heart is the Center of the Universe. I also like to perform in front of an audience because nothing compares to the sparkles in the eyes of the public when meaningful communication finds its reciever.

I advocate leading a meaningful life and try to raise awareness of the tremendous benefits of the creative practice, with its playful, adventurous and last, but not least, spiritual dimension. My personal quest for balance is also a commitment to bond the scientific and the emotional and to bring into spotlight the sometimes underestimated importance of the matters of the heart, in a world in which technology is advancing at a very fast pace.

My artwork, fruit of a creative process I discovered myself, is a continuos mix of my previous work, whether oil paintings, drawings, sculpture or photographs. My artwork is a colorful statement and performance in the new media field, a dynamic metaphor of transformation and an attempt to challenge the doors of perception.

If you would like to hang one of my artworks on the wall and also support my artistic existence, feel free to send me a message.

You can check the Artwork section of the website or get fresh updates of my creative practice on Instagram:


Or connect with me on facebook:


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