Soul Healing, episode 67: Virginia calls Henry again

In a special, secret department of our Soul Transformation Center, which has been recently re-bapthised The Pegasus Laboratories, Virginia is preparing for another hard day of literary work.

She opens the notebook and starts reading through her notes. After a few minutes, she pauses, on the verge of a headache: “Holly Magic Pools! Only a suspect of meta cognition can solve such a thing! Everything is interconnected!”

(In the Advanced Erotic Lab, Paris sparkles at high intensity.)

Charm, Chivalry, Connection, Cupid’s Arrows, Attraction, Buenos Aires, Amanda Zebra, Sister of Amanda Zebra, Galileo Galilei, Goran, Gilgamesh, Carl, Scheherezade, Sexy, Sexist, Chimera, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Magic, count(feathers), Pegasus, Armand, Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine, Time, Chimera, Memory, Identity, Ability, Superman, Superwoman, SuperPierre, Gilgamesh, Trojan War, Paradoxes, Soul Numerical Methods, Orgasm.
She picks up the phone and calls Henry:

Text and art: Laura Livia Grigore

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