Soul Healing, episode 65: Goran responds



Dear GG,
So glad to hear to from you!
Nice eigenvector! Hahaaaa! Don’t worry, we’re coming soon.

Dear Mrs Amanda Zebra from Buenos Aires,
Nice to meet you! We hope you like our Soul Numeric Humour and you find us original enough. Fortunately, we are high on creativity and purpose!

Dear all,
Please find attached my purpose in life:
Eigenvalues: Pegasus1, Pegasus2
Eigenvector: Scheherazade
(I’m coming, baby! I just need to finish counting the feathers!)

Dear all,
Yes, the Gilgamesh Project is on.

Why don’t you just read TwoSmart Eagles Magazine??!!

Why didn’t you implement yet GG’s advice? Don’t worry, darling, even without the Fantasy United Chimerical Kingdoms, we still have the Magic Pools.

Kisses and hugs,

Text and art: Laura Livia Grigore

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