Suzee Lee for The Truth Project: “The Transformation of Energies: Observations for the Artistic Practice”

“The trigger”
“The sweet nothingness”
“Love and anger”
“The movement”
“The transformation”
“The outcome”

The Truth Project is very happy to welcome our third co-creator on board! Suzee Lee is a master of cultural studies, classically trained pianist and musician, based in Berlin and works as an editor and music journalist. The cultural researcher is a published writer in visual culture and feminism and has “been there/done that” many places/things in the music&art scene. She likes cats, nature, singing and dancing, playing new instruments and the experimental artistic practice.

“The Transformation of Energies: Observations for the Artistic Practice is a journey through the mindful artistic practice: observations, emotions and the sweet nothingness and how their transformation into creative flows works.

Different experiences in life trigger emotions and – kept in your body – they can build up to incredible energies that need to be released. Transforming the energies that occur and using them for creativity flows leads to tangible creative output. Embracing those energies offers the great opportunity to create new things and grow. ”

“A powerful trigger are emotional states. You think you can’t control an emotion, that it just overwhelms you like a wave rolling over you, but this is not entirely true. The truth is that being an antenna to your emotional landscape – and to be able to determine where the pointer is at – entails great opportunities. More precisely you may not even want to determine what kind of energy you are dealing with – where the pointer of the emotional compass points at – but what the amplitude of the energetic wave is. To conclude: a certain energy level has arisen inside you.”

“A baby leaf is unfolding.
A very melodic blackbird song is sung and then you hear the answer from another street’s tree.
The great alluring smell from the not so near coffee roastery that sometimes hangs in a sweet cloud over my neighborhood when the winds are fortunate.”

“Playing music is not only a mental activity, but it is highly physical. As I type these words there is a sensory quality to it: to feel the keys under my fingers softly being pushed or enthusiastically rushed and so it is for the piano keys: to let the weight from your shoulders and arms and thoughts and feelings sink into them and let the energies that occupy your mind flow into it while switching off the thinking mind. Like this the physical as well as the mental tension that was kept inside is released and the energy is transformed into movements and simultaneously into sound waves. To create your own sound can free you from the energies.”

“Re-balancing emotions, creating new things and being mesmerized by the outcome – whether it is a tangible result like a new song or just the content feeling during the release and transformation process – brings peace of mind. The physical part of music playing reinforces the mind-body connection, using your fingertips, the very highly sensitive parts of your body and reactivates the microcosm-macrocosm connection: another source of serenity”

Suzee Lee

***Secret bonus: a meaningful history of boredom.***

the transformation of energies: observations for your artistic practice

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