Jean-Jacques Montagnier for the Truth Project: Dark are the Days but the Light is Coming (2)- A Heart Monitor

“A Heart Monitor.”
“Reality can Shift.”
“A Truth Distillery.”
“Unity through Polarity.”
“Personal Growth Through Polarity.”
“Unity Through Autonomy.”
“Coming full Circle.”
“How Well are Humans Handling the Polarization?”

These are the truthful subjects thatJean-Jacques Montagnier addresses in Part 2 of his excellent and thought provoking series, purposefully written for the Truth Project, Dark are the Days, but the Light is Coming- A Heart Monitor.

I am grateful for his willingness to be part of The Truth Project and in order to stimulate your truth seeking appetite, here are some quotes from his essay:

“Being largely uninformed on real issues may inadvertently -perhaps somehow innocently- lead to supporting evil in the name of good. However, the question that presents itself here is whether the support of evil could ever be good, especially when there is willful ignorance involved, which is often the case of ideology.”

“A universal principle such as the human rights, for example, would only be stood by consistently by people who truly believe in it. Those who support human rights but only for themselves, their groups along with their allies could end up exposing themselves.”

“A person with high moral integrity would adjust his or her position to factor new information when it becomes available. Moreover, a truth-lover would eagerly seek out and integrate new information pertaining to the causes they support in order to stay as close as possible to the truth.”

“As we grow closer to our deepest personal inner truths, we discover universal truths that are shared by all of us.”

“Individuation means developing one’s personal identity (personality) which is autonomous (separate) from group identity or group affiliation and separate from the collective consciousness. Individuation never ends. It is an ongoing personal development from birth to death, with the sky (spiritually) being the limit.”

“Autonomous individuals are by nature well balanced individually, while also having the best interests of their groups at heart. Should a group start leaning towards an extremism of any form, autonomous group members would immediately steer the group back on track to a more balanced state.

Should the group somehow go off the rails anyway, it would disintegrate, because autonomous individuals would not be prepared to compromise their personal integrity for a corrupted group-think. They would simply leave, because they would be independent-minded enough to do so.”

Jean-Jacques Montagnier, Dark are the Days, but the Light is Coming (2)- A Heart Monitor

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