The Truth Project. An exclusive-inclusive community

The Truth Project. An exclusive-inclusive community

It will be exclusive in the sense that you will need to pass certain tests in order to get in. At this stage, the project is in the creation/conceptual phase and I’m looking for quality, not quantity. Quality content, break-through ideas, excellence in your field of action. Also, I am not looking for followers, but for people to team up with. People who fit a certain profile, who are open minded and are able to hold multiple perspectives simultaneously in mind, as we are going to act as translators between different fields. For instance, there are people who mistake a different way of doing things with a inferior one and this kind of self-righteousness will be unacceptable in our community. Respect and consideration for the other are crucial in order to conduct our (art)work in an enjoyable manner.

First step to join our community would be an expression of interest. It’s a decision: the willingness to be part of something that catches your interest and resonates with your internal values. Secondly, I am going to test you. Nothing to worry about! (laughs) But I am not saying it’s going to be easy. You need to be able to put up with a challenge. I will design a questionnaire. I will ask you difficult questions. I will investigate your values and beliefs systems. Your passions, what’s meaningful for you.
And once you’re in, congrats! You are about to board a (space)ship with unknown destination!

Once you’re in, the exclusive turns inclusive, as we will experiment a lot with the Complementary Principle and ensure people’s skills and abilities are used at their full potential.

At a later stage, we will use this set of questions and answers for our Meaning Database. And that’s going to be challenging also, as we will need to reach an agreement between what’s Meaningful at personal level and what’s Meaningful for All.
You can see it like this: it will be a social design lab, in which we will negotiate values and trade knowledge. And all the life lessons learnt and conclusions we reach have a potential applicability in all the fields of action.

The Truth Project will be a meaningful project done by the people, for the people, with best interests at heart.

The Truth Project is open to submissions and collaboration proposals from the Arts & Science community
Copyright Laura Livia Grigore

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