The Truth Project: About

The Truth Project

The Truth Project is a cross cultural, interdisciplinary project, at the intersection between performance, experimental, conceptual art, literature, psychology, space engineering and human rights advocacy.

It tackles sensitive matters such as racism, misogyny, moral corruption, dissonance and highlights their positive counterparts. It explores deeply the concept of the Other and emphasizes the need for understanding and the benefits of creativity for our wellbeing.

It is conceptually constructed as a complex, dynamically linked, multi-layered and reflective network of perspectives.

It provides an uplifting view on social design with a humanist perspective at its core, in which the common good is the truthful and heartfelt priority.

Last but not least, it unfolds an intrinsic, exhaustive process, contained in a philosophical system that inputs conflict/misunderstandings and outputs harmony, in its most musical form.

It is a call for direct, heart to heart communication. A call for empathy in a fast pace changing society that is about to pass its workload to its robots. Besides empathy, ethics is brought into debate: are we building tools or weapons?

As responsibility is decentralized and redistributed to the individual, a novel social dynamic is emerging and Truth becomes, more then ever, an essential factor not only for our general well being, but also an individual decision.

As social beings, we construct a layer of our Identity through the interactions with others.
It is precisely at the this cross domain intersection where Laura Livia Grigore would like to ask us a question:

Friends or Foes?

The Truth Project is open to submissions and collaboration proposals from the Arts & Science community
Copyright Laura Livia Grigore 2018, All right reserved


    • Dear Jean-Jacques, thank you for the suggestion! I will make a page/website. At this stage, I think the submissions are okay in the comment section, I really liked the poem! (I will reply separately). I will keep posting the material I already have, as I keep editing it.
      I think you are interested in the project! Is this correct? 😀 I want to make it collaborative, so if you find something inspiring or you get an idea that you want to communicate with me, my email is


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