Episode 8 The Fantastic Adventures of Donna Stella, Don Julio and the turqoise tiger in the Golden Camels Camp

Donna Stella and Don Julio didn’t know how to ride properly a camel. They didn’t know to play chess either. But they wanted eagerly to feel power running through their veins. When the toxic clouds were getting heavier and the fall of black snow was about to be more consistent then ever, they ate two spoonful of bear excrement and invented the door. 

One day, when the turqoise tiger came to the Golden Camels Camp, surrounded by the gang of flamingos and pigeons, he found a group of agitated workers performing some strange actions around the Entrance Door. He first thought that during the night some thieves tried to broke in the Golden Camels Camp and the door needed to be repaired. But then he noticed the inventor’s pride on the face of Donna Stella: we decided to mimic all the Golden Camps worldwide and we implemented a surveillance system. We will surveil ourselves. Nobody really pays attention to me, despite my yells, despite the camel milk I am bathing in every morning, despite all the fake news about my accomplishments that I wrote and published in the Papyrus Magazine, despite all the ideas I tried to steal, donna Stella explained her decision. Don Julio added: this door that I invented is not a simple door, it follows the local directives regarding golden camels handling, the door will monitor all our sleeping hours in the Golden Camels camp. We will be able to prove our dedication to the Golden Camps cause to the mighty conquerers. The more we sleep inside, the more we dream. The more I dream, the higher chances I have to put the entire castle on wheels and get away with it, dressed in Saint Yuri Gagarin silk suit, in that fabulous procession I have been fantasizing about, accompanied by the candid voices of the slaves choir, Don Julio added. 

The turqoise tiger was looking at them astonished: Don Julio and Donna Stella not only did they just invent the door, but they were disputing the patent between themselves! We have the approval of the mighty conquerers regarding this measure, Donna Stella smiled, with the ancient green  expression. Donna Stella thought this last argument will make her win the Bubble War. But the mighty conquerers don’t know how much bear excrement you were both eating, the turqoise tiger exploded. Did any of you look outside the window? Did you notice the black snow? Did you notice the trees blossoming garbage? Are you crazy? The golden camels are sick and this is all you are capable of inventing? Now you are trying to arrest them? Did you notice the golden camp camp is only 60 square meters, did you notice it’s only us in here, no one else? Did you notice this door cannot be opened from the inside? In case of fire or earthquake, I don’t want to die on the Golden Camels shrine because of your stupidity. I don’t want to see you ever again because it’s dangerous. The biggest danger is that I become like you. And I really don’t want.

All of a sudden, the bubble crashed, leaving a hollow, black box behind and the turqoise tiger announced his departure. Later on, he published a note in the Papyrus Magazine: I go dream elsewhere. Love, TT  

Don Julio and Donna Stella truly wanted to be inventors, but it was a privilege that was denied to them, but not by the Dark Lord or the God of Tarot. They blocked the access to this privilege themselves. Because however odd it might appear to them, the door had already been invented. The door keeps being invented all over again. And Donna Stella and Don Julio turned their power to choose into golden camel dust.

They wanted to see the turqoise tiger suffer. They wanted to see on his face the same suffering expression they encountered in the mirror in the morning. They tried hard to discourage him, to steal his guitar and his hope, to attack him in his most sensible points. They didn’t know anything about fairness and didn’t care to learn. They never listened to the turqoise tiger preaches. They tried to cut off his wings because they couldn’t imagine themselves with wings. They didn’t expect him to leave, but to obey.

Liberia is a country founded by former slaves. Upon liberation, they returned to their ancestors land and re-created the same power system that kept them enslaved. But this time, with them on top. 

Donna Stella and Don Julio didn’t feel they have too many options in life. As they grew up, each of them in different parts of the country, they both encountered dark toxic clouds and black snow falling from the sky. They thought this is the only world possible and became obsessed with power, trying to dust off from their minds their obvious enslaved status. 

We build our own prison.

And sadly, we attempt to build prison for others in our blind path through life.

Some of us open their eyes at some point.

Some never do.

A closed door represents protection for some and it is seen as prison by others.

We’re different.

And we fight

In the name of protection and for the sake of continuity, some of us attempt to enslave others

In the name of protection and for the sake of continuity, they sometimes seem to get away with it

But life has its strange away of restoring balance

Without even realizing that being on top of the power system, but still inside it, those who attempt to enslave others, remain in prison.

Far away in the wild, wild east, in the Golden Camels Camp, where birds of paradise sing and trees blossom garbage, behind a revolving door, Donna Stella and Don Julio received their punishment: to remain there, lacking a power that was always distant to them, the one that really matters: the power of creation. Behind a revolving door, blind to the true beauty of life, without the music of the universe, orbiting on their inverted thrones the dark sky of their own limited minds, Donna Stella and Don Julio remain in prison.

One September afternoon, the turqoise tiger bid them good bye and having the benediction of the mighty conquerers, he left, surrounded by flamingos and pigeons, taking away the music of the universe with him and giving an unexpected hug to Don Julio at the border, where the Golden Camels Camp ended.


Episode 7 The Fantastic Adventures of Donna Stella, Don Julio and the turqoise tiger in the Golden Camels Camp

Darkness spreads easier then light, when evil sneaks under the door and it gets absorbed mirror after mirror, when temptation is stronger then morals and starts whispering sweet promises to the ears of poor humans, evil starts spreading around like a toxic gas. Contagious and nasty, it’s hard to stop, but not impossible. I don’t know when I became obsessed with good and bad, maybe it was when I discovered the lack of temporary fairness associated with this mystery we call life. I don’t know how I managed to preserve this sparkle lit and to navigate through life island by island. I wish I never saw the ugly part of life. But I did.  

Nevertheless, I still believe that fairness can and will be stored. There are no winners in love because love is not a game. There are no winners, just lovers.

The turqoise tiger, equipped with a scuba diver costume, with little flowers behind his ears and the guitar hanging across his chest, takes the visitors on a tour of the Castle. There used to be many flowers when I arrived and the golden camels were more cheerful. But then, I don’t know what happened, the trees started blossoming more garbage, some of the golden camels are sick, they refuse to eat or sing and just sit there all day long, with their eyes fixated at the sky. I asked them what’s wrong and they said they are waiting for the Flying Goose Services to bring back the mighty conquerers and restore order. But I hope by the time they come, it will not be too late. It’s something rotten in this castle and we cannot precisely determine what and why. 

Maybe it all started when Don Julio and Donna Stella started eating bear excrements to increase their power. This is what they said, but I have doubts, maybe they just perpetuate the cycle of garbage in nature like this and this is why the trees blossom more and more garbage. But what can I do? I will keep singing. The mighty conquerers entrusted me with the composition of a musical piece representing the entire Castle, not only the Golden Camels Camp here, but the United Camels Nations, celebrating all the rainbow camel breeds they discovered. I am not sure it accurately represents reality, but well… I sometimes practice in my musical room at the second floor of the castle. I don’t talk to Donna Stella or Don Julio that much, I park my flying horse right next to the window and I enter directly through there. This costume I am wearing I designed myself to protect me from bad weather. When the fall of black snow intensifies, I need to be extra careful on the Light Highway on my way to the Castle. This highway was created by the mighty conquerers to link the Light of the West with the Light of the East. I was not directly assigned to protect it, but I think it’s my duty to do so. 

We experienced the highest levels of black snow during spring. It came all unexpected. All of a sudden, a toxic cloud appeared over the Golden Camels Camp. The smell was terrible, as you can imagine. Back then I was preoccupied with the creation of the  composition The Music of the United Camels, following the kind request of the mighty conquerers. I was very happy about it, I listened to the music of the universe everyday, I studied the rhythm of the astral humming birds and the graceful dance of the flamingo birds. And one day I had an idea! I like sharing my ideas and sharing things in general cause what’s the point of experiencing everything by myself? I went running to Donna Stella and presented her my idea. I said: besides the music of the universe which will be heard in every chamber of the Castle, what do you think about each of us choosing a personal Radio Paradise for our private chambers? And I showed her the transcript of a musical piece called Hubble Bubble, which I came across and liked so much. Great, she said. But there was something already rotten in the castle and me, silly me, I didn’t want to believe it, although I observed that fixated look on her face when the mighty conquerers honoured me to become the Music of the Universe Chevalier. Great, she said, and what followed is already history. I will refer to it from now on as the Obvious Incident because what was hidden in the basement came out so clear: her frequent rides on the tail of the chameleon, Don Julio’s habit of bathing in the puddle of mud at midnight and this alliance they formed, The Bear Excrement Eaters Brotherhood. 

The next day, I invited Don Julio to grab some drinks. I felt sorry for him cause the zebras, the alpacas, the butterflies and the Sphinx cats didn’t seem to like him and kept hiding when he showed up. I thought that getting him out of the basement will do him well. But the first thing he said on our way to the wine yard was that Donna Stella ordered musical compositions for the entire Castle. I couldn’t believe my ears, not only that she disregarded my effort and dedication to the Golden Camels cause, but she dared also to steal my idea and choose transmitters for Radio Paradise for all our private chambers, including my own! And Don Julio was pleased to pour this venomous information into my ears. Of course he was, as he was no stranger to the affair. He was the one who chose the transmitters. He must have been high on bear excrement, that’s my impression, maybe they both got an overdose. It was Don Julio who pushed Donna Stella to act. But wasn’t she supposed to be the most responsible here and take best care of the golden camel by taking care  of the golden camels caretakers as well? Wasn’t she entrusted by the mighty conquerers to preserve harmony in the Golden Camels Camp? But she was just bathing everyday in camel milk to preserve her infantilism. So, in this twisted story, we already have two characters trying to play ‘divide et impera’. Two characters who don’t know how to play chess or how to ride properly a golden camel. Two characters trying to play ‘divide et impera’ in a golden camel camp. And one who only wants to play guitar. It’s crazy this story, isn’t it?

Puppets and puppeteers. Who pulls the string here? And when did the Golden Camels Camp, such a wonderful idea of the mighty conquerers, turn into an devilish competition?

I was so upset that I got sick. I also had food poisoning during that time. All of us ate from the same coconut and octopus soup, spiced with ginger, there must have been something rotten inside, but I was the only one affected. They were probably already used to eating bear excrement to increase their sense of power. But my stomach could just not tolerate so much evil. I was at home, upset and sick and I must confess my mind was blinded by the toxic cloud, I thought, that’s it, I will destroy them. But as if receiving a telepathic message, the mighty conquerers wrote to me, asked how I was doing, how is the music composition going and offered to bring the Radio Paradise transmitter that I designed to install in my private chamber. It was as if seeing light. There were good times, those times, I still remember them with pleasure. There are times when I want to erase all the bad parts of the Golden Camels Camp from my memory, but if I start forgetting, I will also forget the good parts. This is why I keep visiting sometimes.

As a fun aspect, it was during the Obvious Incident that I managed to gain Donna Stella’s respect in a very unexpected way. I mentioned during an argument with her that in the Chinese horoscope, I am a fire tiger and she seemed so impressed, all of a sudden haha! I thought you were just a kitten, she said. Nope. She was always trying to guess the future in the crystal ball and recruiting new golden camels caretakers based on their zodiac sign. There was a lot of improvisation going on in the Golden Camels Camp and I was reluctant of informing the mighty conquerers about this because I thought they never realized how high is the degree of improvisation here in the wild, wild east. But for the golden camels generations to come, they need to know the truth. Or at least my truth cause I don’t claim to hold the supreme knowledge. I just like riding my magic horse and observe things from different viewpoints. I was trained not only for the intelligence services, but also in escapism techniques. I can distinguish very well the real from the imaginary. Sometimes I prefer the latter and if you just take a look around you, dear visitors of the Golden Camels Camp, you will understand why. People dream for the sake of dreaming. As simple as that.

After the Obvious Incident, many others followed. And I resisted, with a sense of heroism, I kept thinking the music of the universe is my responsibility. I resisted until it didn’t make sense to resist anymore. I decided it’s high time to re-focus my beam of light. I was needed elsewhere cause the siege upon morals and goodness is intensified worldwide, not only here in the Golden Camels Camp, So one day, I left. I took the hummingbirds, the alpacas, the zebras and my personal Radio Paradise transmitter with me. This is why you are able to hear me. Now I will play a guitar piece I composed for you.

Episode 6 The Fantastic Adventures of Donna Stella, Don Julio and the turqoise tiger in the Golden Camels Camp

At night, after performing his ritual bath in the puddle of mud, Don Julio goes to sleep. Few hours later, he wakes up breathing heavily and drenched in sweat. The flamingo bird was knocking at his soul gate and somehow managed to sneak peak into the rotten depth through the wormhole. I have a message for you on behalf of the turqoise tiger, the flamingo sang: one day, he will be back, he will ring the doorbell of the castle, coo-coo, guess how’s here, I came to deliver something. And the turqoise tiger will take a seat at the United Golden Camels Council table. And… Don Julio closes his eyes in pure terror. Luckily it was just a nightmare and I am still the owner of the golden camels. He lets his imagination flow and vividly visualizes the day when he will leave the Golden Camels Camp with the entire castle. Dressed in Saint Yuri Gagarin silk suit, Don Julio opens the procession, on the back of the four and a half meter tall golden dromedary. Flamingos, zebras, alpacas and of course all the golden camels the mighty conquerers had brought into the wild, wild east follow him. Guitars, drums, violins and the candid voices of the slaves choir accompany him. Don Julio is radiant. In the middle of the convoy, pulled by the strongest golden camels, on a bed of flowers and butterflies, equipped with titanium wheels, lays the Dream. The Force. The Strength. The entire Castle. After years of hard work, digging every night at the foundation of the Castle, inspired by ancient communist practices, who moved churches around the city as they pleased, disregarding the faith of people or the karma consequences, Don Julio mounted the whole castle on wheels and attempted to leave. What thief is thief enough without glory? What fool believes he can get away with flamingos, zebras, alpacas, the entire castle and the ancient secret of the music of life, dressed in Saint Yuri Gagarin silk suit?

I see you, Don Julio, the turqoise tiger said, and one day I will knock on the door, coo-coo, guess who’s here, I will be back to put the Cracking Masks Mirror in front of you. 

Episode 5 The Fantastic Adventures of Donna Stella, Don Julio and the turqoise tiger in the Golden Camels Camp

Unaware of the campaign Don Julio set up against her, Donna Stella kept delegating golden camel grooming tasks to him, which she further presented in the Local Papyrus Magazine as her own accomplishments. We have green diamonds and best golden camel threads from the wild, wild east. Everytime she polished her claws and her green mask, she ignored the possibility of polishing her manners. That’s for the weak, this is my jungle, I’m the best butterfly hunter around the bamboo tree of life, these are my golden camels, my castle, my Salty lake of Crocodile Tears. Therefore, the music the turqoise tiger produces is also mine. Hehe. But when the turqoise tiger reluctantly refused to hand her the papyrus with his latest Music of Life composition, saying the conquerers are busy inventing new breeds of camels and there’s no need to call their attention now during the Golden Camel Celebration Season, Donna Stella crossed the first border.

The river of life keeps flowing around us, it’s sometimes twisted, forming islands and ponds, forming enchanted islands or puddles of muds and we keep walking or swimming, we go in circles or connect the dots of the labyrinth, we keep navigating, we change boats, we leave sinking ships or build spaceships to enhance our vision. But either way, the river of life keeps flowing and we make music out of its roar or out of its silence.

The turqoise tiger was in love with the complexity of life and didn’t expect Donna Stella to be so simple, her mind a black, hollow square box. The Turqoise Tiger was in love with the complexity of life and did not expect Don Julio to be so simple, so predictable, a thin black line connecting his devilish intentions with the devilish output. A story without proper villains, with only puppets pretending to be puppeteers is not that heroic after all, the turqoise tiger thought. I could make those masks fall so easily, but I like golden camels, conquerers, flamingo birds and alpacas, turqoise tigers, I like chess and mysteries and when the music of life was missing, I had no other choice but to invent it. I did it all for the sake of poetry. This river of love and honey and butterflies that I like so much. So let the story go on, said the turqoise tiger.

One afternoon, during the Golden Camels Celebration seasons, Donna Stella entered the music room of the castle, where the turqoise tiger established his dreamy residency. Would you be so kind and hand me the papyrus with your latest music composition, I would like to delight my cousin, ruler of another neighborhood in the outskirts of the city, Donna Stella smiled, with her best sly, hyena smile. Although he found the request odd, the turqoise tiger agreed. Few days later, Donna Stella and the turqoise tiger were about to attend the New Year’s Starry Night Celebration together with tiger’s friend: puma, leo, virgo, aquarius, members of the poetic society, a bunch of dreamers and golden camel lovers. Donna Stella had also forced her attendance at these celebrations, it’s still a mystery why she wanted to join the gang of flamingos and birds of paradise, since she had no respect for the arts. Maybe because the bamboo tree of life was empty during that season or she started sensing that rich butterflies might have a good taste for music and she decided it’s time for a new mimicry action, the ritual, annual change of chameleon skin. The tiger agreed to her presence, loyal to his perception that everyone is entitled to exquisite entertainment. After all, his latest musical composition, engraved on the papyrus Donna Stella asked for, was precisely about this: the inhabitants of the golden camels camp having fun. But only when he noticed Donna Stella published an announcement in the Local Papyrus Magazine: I am the conquerers’ only poet starting today, did the turqoise tiger realise he has been fooled. Donna Stella wanted to pretend she composed the music. And since then, he started being on guard and tried to convoke the first Golden Camels Protection Council, briefly informing the conquerers about the beginning of the Bubble War in the Golden Camels Camp.

Episode 4 The Adventures of Donna Stella, Don Julio and the turqoise tiger in the Golden Camels Camp

Neither Don Julio, nor Donna Stella knew how to properly ride a golden camel. When the conquerers arrived in the wild, wild east, enchanted by the landscape of this land of mystery, with sweet little birds and many, many butterflies, Donna Stella was fascinated and thought the Globe of Crystal had finally responded to her wishes and there’s no need to call a shaman anymore to resolve her past life troubles. She put on her best hyena smile and took the conquerers in a sightseeing tour of the local richness. This is the bamboo tree of life, she said, here we feed the people the deepest knowledge available to mortals. Everyone entering through this door comes out rich. Just like me, she grinned, proud that she was finally about to grab God’s leg. She went on, feeding the conquerers sweet promises and gracefully eluding the truth that she has no clue how to properly ride a golden camel. Enchanted and distracted, the conquerers entered the bubble. Donna Stella set the headquarters of the conquerers’ Golden Camels Camp in her garden, at the outskirts of the city, where she was ruling for years. Among ruins and trees blossoming garbage, the golden camels started eating blue grass peacefully. Every morning, she got off of bed and came walking to the Headquarters in her golden camel print nightgown and quite often, depending on the weather and the amount of black snow falling from the sky, she used to put on her crown. A trademark of her inherited infantilism, this crown, that made all the two years olds envious, had a big puff of alpaca hair right in the middle.

When Don Julio arrived in the promised land, the Golden Camel Camp was already installed. The camels under the direct supervision of Donna Stella were peacefully chewing blue grass among the ruins and garbage trees in blossom. Fascinated, Don Julio, thought that finally the Dark Lord has responded to his call and now he can be a golden camel owner himself. He quickly made an assessment of the situation, tried to get on the back of a dromedary, but failed to get on top of it due to the excessive height of the creature, around four and half meters. The dromedary shook him off as if a little blue grasshopper was disturbing him and just in case the unwanted parasite returns, the golden dromedary spit him, alpaca style. But Don Julio wouldn’t give up so easily, so he started a dual campaign, on one side polishing his image as a golden camel owner to his network of acquaintances, the other rulers of ruined castles in the outskirts of the city, and repeatedly posting announcement in the local Papyrus News Magazine, which the conquerers would never read, he assumed, busy with inventing new rainbow camel breeds and being far away from the Golden Camel Camp. The conquerers used to visit every now and then their new establishment, arriving by Giant Goose Air Services to check the health of the golden camels. All good, Don Julio grinned and the conquerers, enchanted and keeping an eye on the bright skies, believed him. Meanwhile, Don Julio started another campaign, this one against Donna Stella. He informed his acquaintances about her failure to take care of the golden camels, he told them that she has no clue how to ride a golden camel and that her previous gardening experience at the Castle called Two Dumb Alpacas doesn’t qualify her as camel keeper. Fortunately, I rule the Golden Camel Camp, Don Julio said and two big crocodile tears fell into the Salty Crocodile Tears Lake. He even dared to distort the bubbly reality even more, completely deleting both Donna Stella and the conquerers from his announcement towards his target public. This is how things are done in this Castle, Don Julio grinned. One needs to eliminate all obstacles from the path of success. Those bastards at the Flying Alpaca-ca-ca, the previous castle he tried to ruin (or where his hopes were ruined, together with his character, the storyteller dares point out), will see how powerful I am.

I see you, Don Julio, the turqoise tiger sighed, and I don’t like what you’re doing. The turqoise tiger has been silently observing everyone for a while now, before going on Japanese Tiger Strike. I will let you unfold your plan to see how far you can get. And the turqoise tiger composed a song, which he hummed on the long way to the Castle in the morning: 

Will Don Julio drawn in the Salty Crocodile Lake Tears? 

Will Don Julio get the Golden Camels he fears

Will Donna Stella get in the bamboo tree of life

Will the camels make Donna Stella a rich wife?


And the golden tiger kept singing, with every footstep that got him closer to the Golden Camels Camp. The truth is it’s quite exciting in here, he said. I will make a great story out of this. About golden camels and morality.


Episode 3 The Fantastic Adventures of Donna Stella, Don Julio and the turqoise tiger in the Golden Camels Camp 

Neither Donna Stella, nor Don Julio, knew how to play chess. They considered it an outdated practice, that would waste the time they eagerly invested in gold mining. When the turqoise tiger appeared, riding the magic carpet and ignoring the massive fall of black snow, when the cheerful turquoise tiger appeared, filling his lungs with fresh air and declaring in awe: what a beauty, have you seen the camels playing, the baby alpacas, the zebras, have you seen the rainbow, the highway the mighty conquerers build, linking the light of the east with the light of the west, have you seen the wonders waiting in line to enter through the gates of this ancient city? Relaxed and bubbly, the turqoise tiger was a messenger of peace. He was in charge with the wellbeing of crocodiles and tigers alike and was teaching the music of life at a diplomatic school in another castle. Butterflies and bees were always cheering under his tree, he walked around accompanied by a gang of flamingos and pigeons and assumed everyone can be taught how to fly. The translucent, golden ears of the Sphinx cats announced his presence long before he stepped foot in the castle.  Since he arrived, the camels looked astonished at the wings that started blossoming everywhere, even behind their ears. Sweet music, the turqoise tiger laughed. Don Julio and Donna Stella didn’t know how to play chess and erroneously presumed the tiger is just a kitten and all they have to do to shut him up was to steal away his guitar. Friendly and outgoing, the turqoise tiger made friends not only with the butterflies and bees, with the flamingos and pigeons, but also with the conquerers who ventured in the wild, wild east. We need you to improve our music, he said, and gave away another gleeful laughter. He gave away little poems on tiny pieces of papyrus and sent loveful letter to all his friends around the world. 

How can we poison the turqoise tiger, Don Julio and Donna Stella asked each other one moonless night, by the side of the salty crocodile tears lake. He gets on my nerves, he said. He gets on my nerves, she said. What if he gets away with all the camels, he said. What if he gets away with all the camels, she said. And poison started dripping at the corners of their mouths. 

Episode 2 The Fantastic Adventures of Donna Stella, Don Julio and the turqoise tiger in the Golden Camels Camp

From the first day he arrived in the promised land, Don Julio started shedding crocodile tears. So many crocodile tears he shed that at the outskirts of the city an entire lake appeared. The camels looked at him in doubt, Dona Stella, completely absorbed in bathing in camel milk to preserve her beauty and infantilism, ignored him and kept going on flying expeditions to hunt rich butterflies, installed on a velvet chair on the tail of the chameleon. But one day, when the chameleon stopped to re-fuel, an alpaca appeared out of the blue and spit her straight in the face. How barbarian, Dona Stella, expert in tarot engineering yelled, I will tell these communists what they need to hear. F**ing idiots, they don’t know who I am, she went on in rage, with her eyes suddenly bigger, a metallic gaze of bemusement and fixation. But then, as a little droplet of sparkling saliva appeared at the corners of her mouth, she decided to move on and presenting an ancient hyena smile, mounted the back of the chameleon. She told herself: one drop of honey in my Salt Lake and I will catch my rich butterfly.

Proud and confident of his constructive tactics, Don Julio put a flag on the crocodile tears lake accompanied by a golden sign, saying: “My lake, no one else allowed to bathe. Drowning accepted.” Don Julio wanted all the beautiful, golden camels for himself and dreamt about the day when he will run away with the entire castle. But meanwhile he kept quiet about this and just pretended the camels are all his, claimed no one else knows to feed and groom the camels better then him, claimed he was the one who invented the black snow and that all the rulers of the neighboring outskirts knew him. While looking satisfied outside the window at the sweet waves of the salty crocodile tears lake and watching in bemusement the flying horses and tigers circling the sky, while cheering and applauding the accomplishments of the mighty conquerers who dared to venture in the wild, wild east, Don Julio remained attached to his principles. Every night, he went down to the basement and performed the ritual bath in the puddle of mud, convinced it was the only right thing to do, convinced that at the bottom of the puddle, he will finally find the golden secret of the true camel owners, the richest men on earth, powerful and free. Sad and perverted, Don Julio had no hope. But he had a plan.

Episode 1 The Fantastic Adventures of Donna Stella, Don Julio and the turqoise tiger in the Golden Camels Camp 

Far away in the wild wild east, in a land where no one dared to step foot before, where golden flowers blossomed in the tail of the camels, where the Sphinx cats had beautiful translucent ears, through which one could guess not only the sun and the moon, but the whole universe, in a picturesque area of a divided country, where battles have been lead from centuries between the bubble owners, between the good and the bad, the hopeful and the cynic, the crocodiles and the tigers, between the flower lovers and the rotten fruit eaters, between everyone and nobody, far away in the wild, wild east, a woman has been ruling the outskirts of the city for centuries, she was queen of the ancient texts smugglers, queen of the dream thieves, a woman ruthless and heartless, skilled in mimicry and in love with power only. The city outskirts she was ruling were in ruin and the trees were only blossoming garbage, but she kept bathing every morning in a puddle of mud, convinced it was camel milk which will keep her forever infantile. She was confident thar her beauty will make all the men chilling around the bamboo tree of life fall for her, and convinced of her entitlement to power, assuming the people were blind and would fail to see her duplicitous nature, the grotesque face of her greediness  and the green face of her envy. In a land where no other men dared to set foot before, Donna Stella never worried about polishing her manners, just her claws. In a land of mistery, where the mighty conquerers arrived on the back of the golden camels and black snow fell every winter, where one could still ride a magic carpet if equipped with enough fantasy, where flowers and garbage grew together peacefully, where birds sang and Donna Stella yelled, where Don Julio cried all the time with big crocodile tears, where dreams could turn into nightmares if you were not careful and got your soul dirty, it’s not a gold mine, it’s a puddle of mud, it’s not even purgatory, the workers that went on strike silently raised the white flags of their doubt, in a land where everything is possible and impossible at the same time, Donna Stella was performing an ancient ritual that no other mortal dared to perform before, a mix between the wonders of astrophysics and the exactitude of astrology, Donna Stella, a skilled planner, at times delusional, was an expert in… tarot engineering.

Nothing compares to the Enchanted Island

Ode to the Enchanted Island
When we went to that guy’s retirement party

He said: it was thirty years ago when I first entered through the gate

And today I leave

And I don’t know where that time went.

There are rabbits on the dunes, swans on the lake and a mysterious fox showing up early morning every now and then

There’s a seagull stealing people’s lunch

And kids scubadiving in the pool

People always coming in

People always going out

There are beers in the evening and talks

Very interesting talks.

It was all about the people

Respectful, cool, curious and intelligent

The community I meanwhile missed in the outside world

It was a village one never really got out from

It was an island

An enchanted island

And we were oh-so-bored 

And now we want to return.

I’ve been traveling the world, I wrote a book, I embarked on another venture, my art machine is going well

I kept looking

I kept trying

Nothing compares to the Enchanted Island.

I have decided

Now I want to return.

My new book is in progress

I took a quiz today about the words I have been using the most while communicating with the outside world

It was merely statistics

But I was so surprised

So inspired

It seems I kept repeating myself

It seems I keep telling the same story all over again

That I am stubborn enough to keep talking about meaningful things

That I love, I hope,

I care about the people

I dream

Even after a silent year.

I have passion and choice

And time.

I re-discovered when I took a quiz

After spending days and days connecting dots on my inner map

That the quiz was actually about myself

I rememberer I once had an idea

To become an artist

I once started painting 

And set my intentions high about seeing the good in people

And life kept flowing

I put my inner world on display in  exhibitions in Paris and Rome and Barcelona

I discovered that there’s still room to practice poetry outside fear

That I never lost my power fully

And this is a story that needs to be told

And it’s actually already written

A new book about a beautiful world

About the struggle of an artist to keep creating despite all odds

About humans never abandoning hope

About how it feels to live.